Storage Services

Storage Services

We value your stuff. It can be difficult to put away some of our belongings. That is why we treat your stuff like we would our own. Whether it is for a short period or long, we can assure you that your belongings are safe and secure in our facility.

Whether you are waiting for your new job or on the closing of your new home, Delta has what you need. Our storage facility is well protected with a 24/7 surveillance system and advanced alarm system.


24/7 Surveillance & Monitoring

We always have our eye on your things. They aren’t going anywhere without you!

Full-Service Storage

Full-Service Storage

We offer comprehensive storage services to keep your belongings stored and safe.

Up To 30 Days Free Storage

Up To 30 Free Days

If you aren’t ready to move in, you can receive 30 days of free temporary storage.

Receive Your Free Quote Today!

Give us a call to receive a quote, free of charge, and we will get started right away on preparing a spot for your things. Nothing is more valuable than peace of mind, and that is what Delta aims to provide, no matter the service.