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Insurance Liability

Released Liability or 60 cents a pound:

This is technically known as “basic carrier liability- released value” and is the minimum required by federal and Texas law.

This is covered in the base move price and does not cost the customer any extra money. As such, it is the most economical option available, but a customer’s goods are covered to no more than 60 cents per pound per article. This minimal amount of  coverage is called “released value” or “carrier’s liability.”

This is generally enough to repair the most minor of damages like simple scratches and scuffs, but is almost never enough to repair major damages  or replace an item. For example, if a TV that weighs 100OIbs, is completely destroyed , the amount paid to the customer under this level of protection would be $60. Clearly you can see this may repair a scratch to something,  but will never cover replacement.

In addition, we do not go  out to every customer’s home with a scale and actually measure the actual weight of every item. We, along with every other moving company, use the military table of weights and measure to calculate the weight of household goods, So a customer who has a 300LB dresser and a customer who has 50LB dresser will get paid the same amount of money based on the weight listed for a “dresser” in the table.

This level of protection is NOT MEANT to replace items. If a customer wants coverage that extends this level of protection, they need to purchase a moving insurance policy.

Houston Moving Insurance

Insurance Protection


Full Value Replacement Protection:

With this plan, any goods lost, damaged or destroyed during the move will either be repaired, replaced, or a cash settlement made at the mover’s discretion.

This is the most comprehensive valuation plan available for the protection of goods while in transit. There is usually a deductible associated with this just like an insurance policy. Keep in mind – THIS IS NOT INSURANCE. Just like the basic liability, these payments come from the mover directly and the  movers themselves administer the claim, not an insurance company.* WE DO NOT OFFER THIS OPTION- If a customer’s inability to purchase FVR with us will cause you to lose the job, get with the Sales Manager Immediately**

Third-Party Insurance


Customers seeking extra coverage for their move should go to We have partnered with them as a preferred provider for the issuance of moving insurance policies to our customers. This is an actual 3rd party insurance company who will issue an actual insurance policy to cover loss or damage to their household goods.

Houston Moving Insurance


Third-Party Insurance


Rely on  Your Homeowners Insurance policy:

Some homeowner’s insurance policies cover household goods fully or partially while in transit, so customers may want  to check with their homeowner’s insurance company to see if they are covered – they might not be covered for certain types of damages and they will probably be limited in your coverage. This is something you can suggest to customers  to check on as it gives you credibility for suggesting something to save them money. They will like this and most people don’t know about this option.

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