Moving Coverage

Delta Gives You Moving Coverage Options:

When you are having your belongings moved by a professional moving company, you should make an effort to have them properly covered. To help you, we’ve created this page to inform you and ensure that you are fully aware of our coverage policy.

Moving is an industry where damages can happen. Any company that has a damage rate below 5%, is considered a reliable moving company. However, even with the 5% damage rate, customers should consider that insurance is a must when moving across country. Please review the options below for basic liability and/or full moving coverage.

Basic Moving Coverage

The basic coverage by federal law is 0.60 cents per LBS. If you are interested in full coverage or extra coverage, it must be in writing and must be through a third party moving insurance company. Please see Full Coverage Option.

Full Moving Coverage

To ensure that all your belongings are fully protected and covered, you may want to choose this option. The moving insurance that we affiliate with is Please note full coverage insurance must be purchased at least 24 hours prior to your move.

Choosing The Right Moving Coverage For You

This page was written so you will be completely aware of your moving coverage options during your relocation. We always recommend our customers to purchase full coverage insurance, it might cost extra, but at least it gives you the peace of mind that all your valuables that you worked so hard for, are fully covered. When you choose the basic coverage, it only covers a small portion of the item that got lost or damaged. For example, if a 50″ Screen TV got damaged during your move, we would only be obligated to pay the X amount of lbs of the TV x 0.60 cents.

Which is somewhere between $20.00-$30.00 on average. This coverage might sound to many as outrageous, but this is what moving companies are required to offer by law. Please go over your coverage options carefully. If you have any further questions, you can always ask your relocation specialist.

Moving Insurance and Moving CoverageHow Delta Protects Your Valuables

No matter what option you choose, the basic valuation coverage or the full coverage, we will always go above and beyond to protect your items through your entire move. Our movers are fully trained and full time employees of ours, to ensure that your belongings are handled by professionals. All of your items will be blanket wrapped, boxed, crated, and packed if needed, to ensure your belongings wont get damaged during the move, because after all; that is our mission.

Please note: In case of damages, claims will still be processed by the moving coverage option you chose prior to your move.

Here at Delta Moving systems, we partner with one of the most well-regarded moving insurance providers in the industry, Relocation Insurance Group, to provide this coverage for our moving customers.

Their policy is underwritten and backed up by top insurance companies and managed on their website.