5 Tips For Moving Out Of A Place You Have Lived In For A Long Time
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5 Tips For Moving Out Of A Place You Have Lived In For A Long Time

1. Here are 5 tips for moving

So, you are planning to locate to a new place. Maybe the reason for moving is because of a job opportunity, a relationship, or to be close to the family members. Whatever the case, moving can be full of excitement and anxiety.

If you live in a place for a long time, you will have friends, routines, and various things that make a place an exciting home.

These things can make you feel like changing the plans of locating even if you are ready to move. That’s normal for everyone. For an easy moving process, here are 5 Tips For Moving to help you:

2. Close accounts

Tip 2 of 5 Tips For Moving: Relocating is a challenging task. Apart from packing and performing end of tenancy cleaning, you need to take care of your financial responsibilities. Remember, when you relocate, you will have to pay bills and life insurance. Also, you may want a student loan payment.

All these can be easy to accomplish if you close your current bank accounts and credit cards. Closing a bank account is easy. You need to open a new account that you will be using in the new location.

Then withdraw the cash from your current account, or you can transfer it electronically to the new account. The next step is to call the bank or write a letter to their office informing them that you want to close the account.

To make the account closing more official, the bank should sign an account closing form.

Closing the accounts when moving is essential because an inactive account can draw attention to the fraudsters who can misuse it. Also, having too many accounts can lead to confusion when filing the Income Tax Return (ITR).

3. Transfer the accounts

Tip 3 of 5 Tips For Moving: When moving from one city to another, you can transfer your bank account to a nearby branch while retaining your account number.

Due to the new technology, the banks are providing their clients with the flexibility of transferring their accounts to other branches of the new cities without much paperwork.

4. Say goodbye to friends.

Tip 4 of 5 Tips For Moving: No matter how happy you might be about your new place, or how busy you might be when getting ready to move, you need to plan and say goodbye to your friends.

5 Tips For Moving

Spending many years together means that there are important moments that you shared, and you can’t imagine living apart.

It becomes more emotional if you have to say goodbye to such friends. Remember, the time of moving is approaching, and you can’t change that.

So, you need to create time and find the right words to say goodbye to your friends and try not to get over emotion. To make the goodbyes easier, you can buy your friends some holiday gifts and spend quality time with them.

5. Throw the unusable stuff

Tip 5 of 5 Tips For Moving: Moving involves a lot of things, such as packing, loading, transportation, and unloading, which can be stressful. Why pack the unusable items? Maybe you have some items you wish you didn’t buy.

May it be clothes that no longer fit you, or toys for your kids who have grown big.

These belongings can make packing more difficult and time-consuming. Thus, it would be necessary if you throw them. You can decide to burn the items, sell them, or give to the needy.

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